British Franchise Associations

There are currently two Franchise Associations operating in the UK, the British Franchise Association (BFA) and the Approved Franchise Association (AFA).

Both of the franchise associations offer membership to both franchisors and affiliates. The BFA has a three-tiered membership comprising of Full, Associate, and Proviosional members. The AFA on the other hand invites applications to join as a Franchisor Member or as a Partner.

Partner membership of the AFA is very similar to the Affiliate membership of the BFA.

Both Franchise Associations have an accreditation process for franchisors before membership can/will be granted. The criteria for membership of the AFA is slightly more ‘fluid’ than the BFA with the emphasis being more geared towards franchisees’ satisfaction and the adhering to the European Code of Ethics whilst the BFA criteria for both Associate and Full members could well be described perhaps as more ‘prescriptive’.

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