More About Franchises

This is the place to find many high quality franchised businesses throughout the UK. Some you will have heard of and many you might not. All of the franchised businesses featured are independently owned and operated under franchise licence so you can be assured of top value and service from each.

There are many great reasons for using the services or buying products from a franchised brand and we’ve put the top 5 for you to consider…..

Superb Quality

All the members of a franchised network actually own their own business and will have been correctly and professionally trained by the main ‘holding company’ that is known as the franchisor. This will ensure that quality is top of the list for a franchisor as the franchisee is operating his or her business under a huge corporate umbrella that could well be a multi-national brand. The franchisor will insist on high standards of quality that are being provided by a franchisee near you. Many franchisors have extremely strict quality controls so that you, the end user, are always assured of top quality at all times

Excellent Value

Retail and franchises in the services sector will regularly ‘bulk buy’ supplies and stock. This is vaguely similar to the old style co-operatives. Bulk buying between a large network means that savings can be passed on to the end user so, although a franchised brand may be perceived as ‘expensive’ this is rarely the case. In fact in many circumstances, the products and services being offered by a franchise will represent far better value than an independent trader or outlet.

Exceptional Service

All franchises will know the value in offering exceptional service. Right from the first communication you have with a franchised outlet you’ll receive the highest level of service. Franchised brands acknowledge that quality service will lead to repeat trade and recommendations. Franchised shops and services will want to see you regularly as a satisfied customer and will do everything possible to make sure that this is the case. Remember also that there’s always the franchisor that you can chat to if you receive anything less than top-notch service from a franchisee


You’ll find that right across the UK and beyond, all franchised operations have the same branding whether this be a shop front, designs on trains, van decals or uniformed trades people. This is to ensure consistency for clients and customers. It is reassuring to know that, wherever you use a franchised outlet or service you know that everything will be consistent…quality, value and service.


All franchisees will have been taught by the franchisor to follow a business model and to respond to clients and customers needs. Franchisees will therefore have the local knowledge and expertise to react to the demands and expectations of customers. This is just one more reason that makes using franchised outlets and services that much more appealing than independent traders.

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