Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own BusinessIf you’re looking at starting your own business, and every year there are thousands of people who do, the chances are that you’ve not yet explored the opportunities available by investing into a franchised business.

Statistically, and although a good percentage of those looking to start a business have heard of franchising in some way, shape or form, many are unaware of the benefits that franchising offers those looking to start their own business.

Equally likely is that very few could name just five businesses outside of the ‘fast-food’ sector, operating under franchise licence in the UK…..could you?

The brands currently operating in the UK, the majority of which are featured on this website, generate a significant level of turnover year on year and we believe this figure to have been circa. £12.4 billion in 2011.

Many of the available statistics would also suggest that business success, although not guaranteed, is significantly improved when working within the confines of a franchise system rather than ‘going it alone’.

We trust that you’ll take some time investigating the diverse range of franchise business opportunities on this website and perhaps use some of the products and services that these businesses offer. Chances are though that you already use many of the franchise brands listed and didn’t know they are in fact run by local area business owners trading as franchisees under the umbrella of a far larger corporate brand identity.

Although not suited to everybody who is looking to do their own thing, and for lots of good reasons, we’d still suggest that franchising offers a great alternative as a way of working for yourself (but not by yourself) and enjoying many of the numerous benefits that self-employment brings.